Monday, March 2, 2015

RingTo is The Best Alternative to Google Voice

RingTo is a free service provided by Bandwidth. You can get a new number from RingTo or you can port your current Google Voice, Land Line or Cellphone number.
You can make unlimited free calls and SMS's from RingTo and it provides Voice mail service. 
You can receive incoming calls and SMS's to your Home, Mobile or Office numbers like Google Voice. 
According to me RingTo website and app are currently not user friendly but the service is excellent.

RingTo is not a cellphone replacement. RingTo is great if you are on wifi all the time, or have a data connection available to you while on the road. If you port your number to RingTo, your current carrier will cancel your service contract. This means you cannot maintain a contract with your carrier and use RingTo at the same time. But you can use RingTo with a new number, that's the best choice.

If you want to get new number from RingTo,  you shall sign up RingTo with GrooveIP app or above link

After the sign up you can get your RingTo SMS's , Voice mails from RingTo app and Website and forward to your mobile phone. You can get unlimited free calls from RingTo website.

If you want to make calls from your mobile you shall use GrooveIP app.  


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