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How to get free US Phone number online.

These days, people love to use multiple numbers with their phones, and use conventional phone calls with their personal computers, tablet devices etc... . In this post you will see how to setup SIP account with your Smart Phone or Computer and associate a US phone number and an International Inum number to your SIP account. first of all you need to know a bit about SIP.

According to Wikipedia.
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions. The most common applications of SIP are in Internet telephony for voice and video calls, as well as instant messaging, over Internet Protocol (IP) networks."
So basically it is an IP based communication protocol. You can use it with your SmartPhone or Computer very easily, for that you need a SIP service provider.

Callcentric is one of the leading sip provider and they offer multiple fantastic services with their sip accounts, like free US Numbers, voice mail boxes, FAX, Free +883 Inum International number etc...
Callcentric also has ultimate voice quality, works with low bandwidth, even on GPRS. You will never miss your voice mails, faxes with Callcentric because Callcentric sends immediate notifications to your email. You can forward your calls to another SIP service and can set to ring your multiple phones when you receive an incoming call. you can see all the fantastic callcentric features from their website. 

You should have an Internet connection with your smart phone, to setup and use SIP service. No matter it be WIFI or Mobile network.

Now visit to through a desktop/laptop web browser and enter your details under the "New customers please sign up here:" 
Enter your first and last names, enter a unique username and set a strong password, finally your email. Then click I'm not a robot if it appears to choose images or something, do it as what is mentioned. Then click on the continue button. After that you will receive a verification link through email, log on to your email and click the verification link to continue the sign up process.
Now fill your contact information, If you are from United States you are required to select your State. If you are from another country, select the blank selection from the list.
Select your Time Zone under "Additional information: " , leave the agent ID field. Enable 2 step verification, if you want (2 step verification is not required, I prefer you to leave it, because sometimes you will be stuck in some login sessions), also you can enable it any time after the complete sign up.
Check the checkbox under "Review and Sign the Agreements:" , and click "I Agree, Sign Me Up".
Now wait until the process  is complete, after that you will be welcomed by Callcentric.
Click on "Go to My Callcentric" to view Callcentric Dashboard. Now your Callcentric account has been created successfully. Now you need to get a US phone number to receive calls. Click on"RECEIVE CALLS" from the main menu, or visit the page through this link 
You will see a list of Number plans, look at the "Free Phone Number" plan and click "Get a number"
After that you will see a page like this. (also you can visit the page directly). Look at the "Find by location"category.
Select the selections from the drop down lists, as below.

"Select product you are looking for:"
"Free Phone Number"

"Select country:"
"United States"

"Select State / Province:"
"NY" - (Callcentric currently offers New York state free phone numbers, you can use it anywhere).

"Area code:"
Select an area code as you wish.

"Rate center / City:
Select any listed City as you wish.

Click on "Lookup" button. Then you will observe a web page to order your Free Number. Look at the available numbers under the "NUMBERS IN STOCK - IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT" check the availability of the listed numbers. Choose an immediately available number (AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY) and click "Order now".
After that you will see a Shopping Cart page[1], click on "Checkout" button. Then some times you will be asked to fill 911 information.[2]
Select "No" to "Are you using our services from within the United States or Canada?" US and Canadians also should select "No". If you select "Yes" you will be charged for 911 service, so I prefer you to select "No". Enter your Last Name under "Digital signature" and click on "Submit" button.
Now you will see a page[3] for the final review of your order, you can see the price of Free US number as $0.00 click on the "Submit" button. 
Then your order will process, after the process click on "Go to My Callcentric"[4] or close the page and visit to the Callcentric Dashboard directly through the below link.

Ok, your Free US Number assignment is successfully completed. Now you need to setup your SmartPhone or Computer, to receive calls through your US Phone Number.

Before the setup, write down, copy or type your SIP Account number(*Not your Free US Number) anywhere, where you can get it back easily. You can see your SIP account number from your Callcentric Dashboard, It is on the top left corner. (see the below screenshot)
In an Android phone you can setup your sip account with SIP App or Native Phone Dialer. 

Using SIP App:

You can use SIP Voip service through a SIP App easily. Lot of SIP Apps are available on PlayStore, I prefer you to use an Open Source SIP App, CSipSimple. You can Install CSipSimple from Play Store
After the Installation Open CSipSimple App, look at the "Key Icon" on bottom left of your screen and tap on it.
Tap Add account, Choose "Callcentric" from the wizard and enter your SIP login.
"Account Name"

"SIP Phone Number
Enter your SIP Number[5] *(Not your Free US Number)

Enter your Callcentric account password. 

Then Tap "Save". If you successfully Registered to Callcentric, through "CSipSimple", you can see a Green color Indicator Icon.
Now you can receive phone calls from your Free US Phone Number, through CSipSimple

Android Native Dialer:

Visit to bellow Callcentric Support page and configure your Native Dialer, according to the instructions.
A lot of third party, Android SIP Apps, configurations are available in Callcentric support page.

Windows PC:

Download and install Official Callcentric Windows Software from Callcentric web site and login to the software with Callcentric login. 
Also you can use lot of third party software for windows. .


Do you know, 99% of the SIP servers are running on Linux, so you can also host a SIP server on your Linux Computer.(I will post about it in future) So you can receive and make SIP calls with Empathy the very popular messaging software.
You need to download and install Empathy using your package manager or compile it manually.
In Debian base systems (Advanced Package Tool - apt)

sudo apt-get install empathy
sudo apt-get install telepathy-rakia (Telepathy Connection Manager for SIP).

After the installation open Empathy --> Accounts Menu --> Add Account + --> Choose SIP from the list. Type your SIP ID as , enter your password, click on "Add" button(see bellow screenshot).
Enable Callcentric Voice Mail:

To activate Callcentric advanced voice mail feature, visit to the bellow link, and look at the Voice Mail on bottom of the page and order it.
To listen to your Voice Mails, dial * . Also you can set to forward your Voice Mails to your Email, from Callcentric Dashboard.

Get an International Inum Phone Number.

You can also get an International +883 Inum Phone number. Visit to the bellow link and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions about this, don't get puzzled, leave a comment.

The next post will be about "Encrypted Emails" Stay with us.

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